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Monday, September 13, 2004


Eleanor Levine

I think 6 months is too long to wait for publication of NIH-funded articles. I think that docs and the public should have immediate access to these articles. Still, it's progress to see that the NIH is endorsing such a process. I wait for the day when all online journals will be available for free, but alas, that requires funding; and as Mr. Stern writes, who will pay?

Rob Zseleczky

Open-access privileges to newly published articles that have NIH funding attached to them would be a help to many people in MedEd, but then publishers of such articles would have to find ways to make up lost subscription revenues, wouldn't they? I'm no expert on magazine/journal publishing but, judging from the extent to which magazines seem to be sustaining current operations by borrowing from future revenues, giving article access away for free could be a burden publishers don't need and can't handle——in other words, maybe what's free won't be free. In the end, someone WILL pay, maybe the articles' authors, maybe the consumers.

Josephine Galeany

I think open-access is a good idea for doctors who are studying medicine.

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